Incredible Ebook Template For The Kindle

It’s no secret that publishing books on the Kindle is HOT right now. Just a few months ago, Amanda Hocking took the internet by storm when it was reported that she sold almost 500,000 books in the month of January on the Kindle and without a publisher!

In the past, one of the things that had stopped me from trying to do my own Kindle Ebooks was not being able to get the ebook to look right on the Kindle.

The formatting is not easy to do and that is a huge roadblock that prevent many people from getting their own ebooks on the Kindle.

How can you potentially be the next Amanda Hocking if there isn’t an easy way to not only get your books on the Kindle, but also having them formatted correctly and looking amazing?

After looking at and trying all of the various options for converting text to Kindle format online, I realized that there really wasn’t a good solution out there. Anything decent was $200 or more and the free stuff made your Kindle books look awful on the Kindle and/or the formatting was off and Table Of Contents didn’t work.

Because of all of that, I wrote and created my own ebook template which will give you perfectly formatted ebooks for the Kindle that look amazing, just as good as a New York Times Bestseller, every single time.

My Kindle Ebook Template is a Microsoft Word template that works on all versions of Word. You can start with the template and type your book in from scratch or take existing text from another document, program, pdf, whatever, and paste that into my template for perfect formatting.

There are very few good Kindle templates out there, anything that is any good at all is $200 or more and at that price it’s worth it. However, I decided to price MY template really low in hopes that it will help lots of people create their own Kindle ebooks quickly and easily.

In addition to the template, I also give you over 10 video tutorials showing you step-by-step how to use the ebook template and publish your own Kindle ebook.

You can view my ebook template here: Ebook Templates 101

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