Keyword Research

Using The Google “Wonder Wheel” For SEO Keyword Research


A little known trick that I use to find great keywords is to use the Google Wonder Wheel. I mean think about it, who better to suggest keywords that matter than Google right?

How To Find The Wonder Wheel

Type your desired search term in Google and then after hitting search, locate the additional search options on the left sidebar of the page and click on “Wonder Wheel”

For example, for a Google search on “lose weight” here is what the Google Wonder Wheel suggests as additional similar search terms:

The power of this is that Google knows the keywords that get searched the most in relation to your original keyword so Google is basically telling you what the most popular (similar) keyword phrases are to your original search phrase.

This is like GOLD!

Now, let’s take it to the next level:

Once you see the first wonder wheel options, you can also click on any search term on the spokes of the wheel and it will open up another wonder wheel with keyword phrases related to THAT term!

Using the Google Wonder Wheel is a great way to start your keyword research. Once you have identified some phrases from using the wheel, you can then take them into this tool for some further research.