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Advanced Web RankingBeing in the SEO business and needing to rank lots of websites, I have naturally tried pretty much every single rank tracking software and service on the market.

While there are some “good” rank trackers out there, it always seemed like they were missing a feature (or three) so I usually ended up having to use three to four different rank tracking programs to get the information that I wanted which became very expensive and time consuming. Then, someone told me about AWR and that is what changed everything.

There are many different SEO ranking software based solutions, subscription solutions, free options, paid options, and much more. Until finding AWR, I had yet to find one solution that did everything I needed but I am happy to report that AWR fits the bill and is the best rank tracking tool available…by far. There is even a free 30 day trial and AWR is also the perfect seo software for Mac.

What I Like About Advanced Web Ranking

  • Local Search – You can customize the Google search location which is super important because local search is becoming more and more prevalent
  • Safe To Use – Rank checks can be done using human emulation which is the safest and best way to do regular rank checks without raising any red flags
  • Keyword Suggestions And Reports – This feature is AWESOME. I have found excellent keywords that I never thought of just by putting my website in and letting AWR do the rest. It suggests other keyword possibilities for you!
  • Thousands Of Search Engines – Many rank trackers only search the top 3 but with AWR, you can search over 2,000 different search engines and get a much bigger (and better) picture of where your sites stand
  • One SEO Tool To Rule Them All – Everything in one place – page rank, keyword suggestions, current and historical rankings, charts, graphs, reports, and MUCH MORE. This tool takes the place of all other rank trackers out there.
  • Proxies for safe searching – Allows you to use proxies to stay under the radar
  • Customizable Reports That Are Printable – Perfect if you offer SEO services for clients
  • Consistently Accurate – This is another big factor in why I use AWR. In the past, some rank trackers have consistently given me inaccurate ranking information which I hated. AWR gives accurate rankings every single time and this fact alone makes the software worth every cent and more.
  • Competitor Tracking – When using AWR, you are not just tracking your own rankings but also those of your competitors and other sites ranked in the top 10 for your keywords.


How I Use Advanced Web Ranking

I thought I would share my workflow and method in using AWR and show you how it works (see video below).

I start by putting in my website that I want to check rankings for and then, AWR shines. It automatically suggests many different keywords that I might want to rank for. I can also add my own keywords in and/or edit the keywords that the software suggests. Once I setup the project, I can then schedule it to run and check my rankings on a regular basis, even every single day if that is what I want. I don’t have to manually do this which is a HUGE time saver!

Once my project is setup and AWR does it’s magic, there is a wealth of valuable information before my eyes:

I can see what my rankings are for each keyword in the search engines that I selected

I can see where certain competitors rank compared to my own site for each keyword

For each keyword, I can see who is ranking in the top 10 and how I compare

I can pull link reports to see how many links my site has coming to it and compare to competitors

I can get more keyword ideas that could help me rank higher and monetize my website better

After a short amount of time, I can get historical ranking data to see how my site has improved (or worsened) in the search engines

I can see how my site ranks in a specific local area which is a huge feature that many other rank trackers do not have

And MUCH more!

Watch my video below to see it in action:


AWR does so much that I could probably write an article that would take you three hours to read but the better thing is for you to try it out for yourself. You can grab a free 30 day trial over at (that is not an affiliate link) and take a full test drive of their software.

In my opinion, it’s the safest, most complete, best rank tracking software solution available today and it’s also very affordable.

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